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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite a student to join a class?
  • Create a parent or teacher account. Go to the Teacher Dashboard. Click the button to Add a Class. Ask students to create an account using the class code or URL provided on the Class page.
  • Google Classroom users can use the Create Announcement button to post a link in Google Classroom that students can use to access the Career Discovery Tool.
Why can't my students log in?
  • In order to use the Career Discovery Tool, students must be invited through a teacher or parent/guardian account. Students who try to create an account that is not tied to a teacher or parent/guardian account will not be able to access the Career Discovery Tool.
  • If a teacher or parent/guardian account has exceeded the number of students allowed under their plan (200 for Classroom Plan, 3 for Free Plan), additional students will not be able to log in until the plan is upgraded. To view your plan information or upgrade your plan, please go to My Account > Profile & Account Settings.
Why don't my students show up in my class list?
  • Students will only be listed in the teacher dashboard after they have created an account and logged in. Students must enter the class code or use the class URL to create their account.
  • Students with an existing account can add a new class code by going to My Account > Profile & Account Settings and entering the new code in the Class Code field.
Where can I find my class code?
  • Each class that you create will have a unique class code that can be used to assign students to the class. Once you have created your class, the class code will appear under the class name on the Teacher Dashboard page.
How do I cancel my account?
  • Log into your account. Go to My Account > Profile & Account Settings > Cancelling Your Account.
Will my membership automatically renew?
  • No, memberships are not set to auto renew. All memberships are good for a 12 month period. To see when your membership expires go to My Account > Profile & Account Settings > Membership.
Can students retake the interest survey?
  • If students would like to change their responses to the interest survey, they can make edits to their completed surveys via Menu > Start Career Discovery.
Which STEM careers are included in the Career Discovery Tool?
  • To see the full list of 160+ STEM career profiles go to Menu > Careers Index.
How should I use Career Discovery in my class?
  • Please review our Lesson Plans for suggestions on how to use the Career Discovery Tool to help introduce students to STEM career pathways.
  • To access the Lesson Plans, log into your account and go to Menu > Lesson Plan.
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