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Your child has been exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers that match their own interests with Career Discovery, powered by Science Buddies.

STEM occupations are:

  • Growing fast: Twice as fast as non-STEM occupations: 8% vs. 3.4% by 2029.¹
  • Highly paid: STEM careers had a median annual wage of $86,980, more than double that of non-STEM careers at $38,160 in 2019.²
  • Accessible to many educational levels: There are many well-paying, in-demand STEM careers that are accessible with certifications or two-year degrees. Fully 50% of talent recruiters at Fortune 1,000 companies find it difficult to fill the openings they have for STEM jobs requiring two-year degrees, according to a survey by Bayer Corporation.³

But students don't always know about these opportunities or see themselves in these roles.

At your student's school with Career Discovery, your child has explored specific STEM careers that fit their unique interests by answering kid-friendly questions online about what they like to do. Your child has researched their favorite careers themselves by digging into Career Profiles that feature salaries, job growth, skills and tasks, educational pathways, videos, and much more.

Ask Your Student

Which STEM careers do you like? Why do you like them? Do you like...?

  • What the career does
  • The salary
  • How the career helps the world
  • Where people in the career work

Did you learn about any STEM careers that you had never heard of? Which ones?

What courses are important to take in high school if you are interested in one of these careers?

What surprised you about your experience with Career Discovery and STEM careers?

Share with Your Student

Do you work in a STEM career? What do you enjoy about your career? What are some challenges?

What has been your pathway to your career?


Log on to Career Discovery to explore your child's career results. You will see your child's career matches organized by years of education required after high school:

  • 0-2 years
  • 4 years
  • 4+ years

Together, click on individual careers for detailed profile information, including videos, education and training, and activities your child can try to test out careers.

Support your child in envisioning themselves in their favorite careers with hands-on experiences:

  • STEM Activities: Most careers in Career Discovery feature STEM activities, hands-on experiences with full instructions available with one click. Materials are easy to find, most activities take an hour or less, and the STEM learning is limitless.
  • Local Resources: Visit a local science museum, aquarium, nature center, air show, animal shelter, or other STEM center or event related to the career. For example, nature centers host walks and activities perfect for kids interested in trying out aspects of Environmental Engineering Technician, Park Ranger, Environmental Scientist, Zoologist, Biologist, Plant Scientist, or Biological Technician careers.
  • STEM Science Camp: Check out related after-school and summer experiences in your area.
[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2020). Employment Projections: STEM Occupations.
[2] Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2019). Employment Projections: Employment in STEM Occupations.
[3] DeWitt, Stephen and Catherine Imperatore. (2017, May 3). Career and technical education: support your teen's STEM future. Our Children: National PTA's Unique Voice for Parents.
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