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Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer

Overview and Key Facts

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What Do They Do?

A precision instrument and equipment repairer could...

Overview Listen to this section

One of the basic truths in the universe is that objects tend to go from a state of higher organization to a state of lower organization over time. In other words, things break down, and when those things are precision instruments or equipment, they require the services of very specialized technicians to restore them to their working order. Precision instrument or equipment technicians often combine a love of music, medicine, electronics, or antiques with delicate mechanical repair work.
Watch this video to see what kind of precision work is needed to maintain and work on biomedical equipment.

Do You Have the Skills and Characteristics of a Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer?

  1. Mechanical Aptitude: ?
  2. Fine Motor Skills: ?
  3. Hands-on Work: ?
  4. Equipment Maintenance: ?
  5. Focus: ?

Core Tasks

Think about if you'd like the typical tasks a Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer might do:
  • Assembles parts and sub-assemblies of precision instruments and locks, timepieces and firearms.
  • Dismantles precision instruments, locks, timepieces and firearms, repairing and replaces defective parts, and reassembles articles using hand and power tools and specially designed machines.
  • Calibrates precision instruments using standard weights and measures, jigs and fixtures, and hand tools to adjust and align parts and small balancing weights.
  • May estimate costs and prepare quotes for repairs.

Salary & Job Openings

Steps to Get There: Becoming a Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer

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