Industrial Engineering Technologist and Technician

Overview and Key Facts

Female engineer in manufacturing factory

Post high school credential

Median Pay

Job Growth
(Below US Average)

Jobs in 2029

What Do They Do?

An industrial engineering technologist and technician could...

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Industrial engineering technicians and technologists work in a lot of different places. They work side by side with engineers to set up and fix processes and machines. Do you like to work with puzzles? If so, you could apply problem solving skills to helping companies improve the way they make products or serve customers. Whether you'd like to work in a factory, office, repair shop or healthcare organization, there is a place for you as an Industrial Engineering Technician or Technologist.

Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians Career Video
This career video provides day in the life information about an Industrial Engineering Technologist and Technician.

Do You Have the Skills and Characteristics of an Industrial Engineering Technologist and Technician?

  1. Reading Comprehension: ?
  2. Active Listening: ?
  3. Critical Thinking: ?
  4. Complex Problem Solving: ?
  5. Monitoring: ?

Core Tasks

Think about if you'd like the typical tasks an Industrial Engineering Technologist and Technician might do:
  • Test selected products at specified stages in the production process for performance characteristics or adherence to specifications.
  • Compile and evaluate statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products.
  • Study time, motion, methods, or speed involved in maintenance, production, or other operations to establish standard production rate or improve efficiency.
  • Read worker logs, product processing sheets, or specification sheets to verify that records adhere to quality assurance specifications.
  • Verify that equipment is being operated and maintained according to quality assurance standards by observing worker performance.
  • Aid in planning work assignments in accordance with worker performance, machine capacity, production schedules, or anticipated delays.
  • Evaluate industrial operations for compliance with permits or regulations related to the generation, storage, treatment, transportation, or disposal of hazardous materials or waste.
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.
  • Analyze, estimate, or report production costs.
  • Assist engineers in developing, building, or testing prototypes or new products, processes, or procedures.

Salary & Job Openings

Steps to Get There: Becoming an Industrial Engineering Technologist and Technician

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On the Job

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