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Overview and Key Facts

High school diploma or equivalent
Median Pay
Median Pay
Job Growth
Job Growth
(Below US Average)
Jobs in 2031
Jobs in 2031

What Do They Do?

A welder could...

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What do race cars, bridges, boats, computers, bikes, and cell phones all have in common? They all require welding, or using tools to permanently bond pieces of metal together. Welders' skills are needed to assemble many of the objects you encounter and use every day. A career in welding could take you to the garage for a famous car race, to the tops of the highest buildings, or even to the bottom of the ocean!
Watch this video to hear from several different welders about how they got into welding and why they love their jobs.

Do You Have the Skills and Characteristics of a Welder?

  1. Mechanical Aptitude: ?
  2. Attention to Detail: ?
  3. Physical Strength: ?
  4. Fine Motor Skills: ?
  5. Focus: ?

Core Tasks

Think about if you'd like the typical tasks a Welder might do:
  • Read and interpret blueprints and technical drawings.
  • Do math to determine dimensions of welded joints or how to assemble parts.
  • Handle, operate, and maintain different types of welding tools and equipment.
  • Be knowledgeable about different types of metals and the tools required to weld them.
  • Monitor the quality of the welding process to ensure good final results.
  • Inspect welds for mechanical strength and integrity.
  • Smooth, clean up, and apply finishing touches (like paint) to rough edges that result from welding.
  • Communicate with other skilled laborers like plumbers and electricians.
  • Work with other welders on a large job.
  • Follow safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment.
  • Move, carry, and handle heavy objects like tools and pieces of metal.

Salary & Job Openings

Steps to Get There: Becoming a Welder

Try it Out with an Activity or Project

On the Job

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