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Science writer
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Jobs in 2031

What Do They Do?

A science writer could...

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Have you ever tried to read a scientific or technical article in a professional journal? They can be hard to decipher because they are full of technical terminology. But have you ever read a science article in a magazine that was geared for your age or for the general public? These tend to be a lot easier to read and more interesting because they have been written by a science writer. A science writer can take a complex subject and write a concise article in language that is easy for non-scientists to understand. Science writers can work on several different kinds of projects, like scientific bulletins, advertising, and articles for science magazines, but ultimately their job is to make science interesting and fun for general audiences.
Science Writer
In this video, Elinor Bartle, a science journalist and information officer at the University of Bergen in Norway, talks about her role as bridge between scientists and the public.

Do You Have the Skills and Characteristics of a Science Writer?

  1. Writing: ?
  2. Reading Comprehension: ?
  3. Active Listening: ?
  4. Speaking: ?
  5. Critical Thinking: ?

Core Tasks

Think about if you'd like the typical tasks a Science Writer might do:
  • Act as the chief conduit of information between scientists and the public.
  • Convey research findings for scientific or medical professions and organize information for advertising or public relations needs.
  • Work with researchers on technical subjects to prepare written interpretations of data and other information for a general readership.
  • Travel to meetings and conferences to make contacts and learn about cutting-edge science topics.
  • Provide weekly news reports and other content for an institution's website.
  • Write scientific proposal grants.
  • Consult editorial staff.
  • Proofread articles written by other science writers.
  • Perform fact checks.
  • Evaluate research results of scientific studies.

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