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Patent Lawyer

Overview and Key Facts

Patent lawyer
Doctoral or professional degree
Median Pay
Median Pay
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Job Growth
(Above US Average)
Jobs in 2031
Jobs in 2031

What Do They Do?

A patent lawyer could…

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Microwave ovens, cell phones, video game consoles…all the electronics around you are possible due to technology invented by someone. Inventions can take months, even years of hard work and expense. So how does an inventor make sure that no one else steals their inventions? In this case, patent lawyers are the answer. They work within the legal system to help protect an inventor's original works and stop others from illegally profiting from them. Patent lawyers need to be both technically and legally savvy, knowing not only the law and intellectual property rights, but also understanding the science behind the invention.
Find out how Charley uses his enthusiasm for chemistry in a different way, as an attorney who protects drug discoveries that can improve people's lives.

Do You Have the Skills and Characteristics of a Patent Lawyer?

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Core Tasks

Think about if you'd like the typical tasks a Patent Lawyer might do:
  • Perform patent searches.
  • Advise clients on whether their inventions are patentable.
  • Draft patent applications.
  • Examine incoming patent applications to determine whether the invention is novel.
  • Provide legal advice and counseling on a variety of matters including intellectual property, commercial transactions, product liability, and regulatory compliance.
  • Draft technology licenses and develop manufacturing and commercial agreements.
  • Litigate in court to protect clients from patent infringement.

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Steps to Get There: Becoming a Patent Lawyer

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